Polytechnic professors deliver Protect Purdue-related research - Purdue Polytechnic Institute

Purdue Polytechnic’s Sabine Brunswicker, Soowon Chang, Dominic Kao and Alejandra Magana participated in short-term research projects related to how universities adapted to the pandemic.

New EdSurge Podcast Series Features RCODI Director

In a new podcast series from EdSurge, RCODI Director, Professor Sabine Brunswicker, shares her experience teaching at the Purdue Polytechnic Institute during the Fall 2020 semester amidst the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

RCODI’s Director Co-organizing a Virtual LIVE workshop on Digital Transformation at AOM

Our director is participating on the 80th annual meeting of the Academy of Management. What’s new is that this year the meeting is virtual. She will be a co-organizer of a LIVE Professional Development Workshop “What’s New About Digital Transformation?

Thought Leadership and Digital Innovation in Times of Crisis

RCODI Director Sabine Brunswicker recently gave a keynote talk as part of ISPIM’s virtual conference on responding to the COVID-19 crisis. The virtual conference was held June 7-10, 2020 with many leading researchers and experts in the interdisciplinary fields of innovation.

Research on a "Theory of Design Motifs"

Our Director Sabine Brunswicker and RCODI fellow Satyam Mukherjee have been working on a paper that proposes a theory of design network motifs and conducts an empirical examination of this phenomena utilizing data from the Open Stack repository NOVA.

RCODI Director to Present Virtual Keynote at ISPIM Conference

RCODI Director Sabine Brunswicker is scheduled to present a keynote talk on open digital innovation at the ISPIM Virtual Conference being hosted June 7-10, 2020. The role of digital technologies, AI and distributed innovation to resolve societal challenges is especially critical at this time and Prof.

Welcome to our new PhD student at RCODI

In May 2020, Jia Cheoh was accepted as PhD student of Professor Sabine Brunswicker. Jia will be graduating this semester with a Bachelor’s degree from the Department of Computer Science with a focus in software engineering and notes, “I am excited to get started with this new journey!

PLOS ONE Call for Papers: Cities as Complex Systems

Cities are centers of human interactions and the innovations that arise from them. Urbanization has led to many positive developments for society, but also contributes to many of our most pressing challenges, from sustainability and climate change to poverty and inequality.

Understanding collaboration in open source platforms

Everything in life can be connected to a pattern. Whether it be in the way the golden ratio is correlated with growth in shells or how the Pythagorean model is the reason we have stable structures, nature will always hold the key to predicting our own behavior and understanding more about ourselves.

Nudging people in good behavior with data: the opportunity of “white” design patterns in social data visualizations

An accidental subscription to an unwanted newsletter. Extra items in your cart your never added. The seemingly impossible task of deactivating your account on a service you no longer use. All of the above are examples of dark design patterns, or “dark UX,” where the design of a website or application is meant to benefit the brand rather than the user—even at the expense of the latter.