Spotlight Feature: Elkady, Patel, Dr. Brunswicker present about skills & platform engagement

RCODI Fellows Mai Elkady, Feny Patel, and RCODI Director Dr. Sabine Brunswicker recently wrote about research on skills and engagement relative to Collective Intelligence. The three were and were invited to present at the 2021 ACM-CI Conference to present their findings.

RCODI Welcomes Manthan Keim!

A new member joined the team! RCODI Welcomes Manthan Keim to join the research center. Manthan will be starting his Masters within the Polytechnic’s TLI branch studying in Digital Innovation with Dr.

We need you to hack COVID 2.0

The day you’ve been waiting for is here – the Spring and Summer IronHacks Data Science Challenge is live, and society needs your help. As vaccines are distributed and society is returning to the norm, data scientists seasoned and new are using the IronHacks platform to make an impact in the community by predicting what the foot traffic at COVID hot-spots will be over time.

RCODI Welcomes Vineet Mohanty!

A new member joined the team! RCODI Welcomes Vineet Mohanty to the research center. Vineet is currently pursuing his doctoral research at Purdue. His research focus is at the intersection of Machine Learning and Big Data for Open-Source Software (OSS) supply chain.