Federated-AI for Communication and Trust (FACT) platform

Energy Project

ENERGY/Vis Social Perceptions in Home Energy Graphs Our information is increasingly data based and our decisions are increasingly guided by data graphs, charts and visualizations. Yet, the dominantly individualist data presentation perspectives utilized in current feedback systems have failed to leverage social behavioral theories to design technologically mediated feedback that could enhance individuals' awareness of and their willingness to cooperate with the digitally interconnected others.

Transparency in Open Data Contest

This study measures the degree of innovation performance transparency and solution transparency to determine the effect of transparency on participation and innovation. Transparency in Open Data Contest Primary Research Questions:

Open Source Software practices

The study aims to understand how Open Source Software practices are evolving by focusing on studying a prominent community ‘OpenStack’ that is effectively using the latest practices. Modeling Complex Open Source Software Structures as Networks Reflecting the commitment to foster and build Open Source Software practices, Red Hat Inc.

Managing Open Innovation with Business Impact in the Digital Age

This study aims to create a guided open innovation framework to help companies leverage optimal value from open innovation.

Purdue IronHacks

IronHacks is an open data hacking program that empowers programmers - from beginners to professionals - to solve civic challenges during a multi-phase and learning-oriented process. The IronHacks platform offers participants a no-set-up programming environment and many powerful features to create novel and useful models and visualizations that help citizens and governments to make better decisions.

Simulating Performance of DoD Contracts

Simulating Performance of DoD Contracts is a collaborative project where RCODI works alongside Software Factory Labs (SFL) to conduct research concerning engagement and performance of R&D contacts. With government contracting, there are different-sized businesses that typically aply for contracts, and small business enagement can be raised.