Governance and Risk-mitigation of Open Innovation

This project tests a moderated mediation model in which external search breadth and depth influence open innovation project performance through their effects by different governance mechanisms. Governance and Risk-mitigation of Open Innovation Since Henry Chesbrough’s (2003) landmark work on open innovation, much attention has been given to the phenomenon of firms’ using a wide range of external actors and sources to help them achieve and sustain innovation (Laursen and Salter, 2006).

Digital practice networks, network dynamics and e-science

This research is aimed at comparing the network effects formed in online digital platforms of participating scientists to “traditional” research and collaboration methods. Effect of Online Digital Communities to Members Output (Success) and Choices (Contagion): The Case NanoHUB Cyberinfrastructure The primary research questions that sparked this project were: (1) How does scientist output depend upon their embeddedness in digital spaces in NanoHUB.

Blockchain Networks and Transparency

This project aims to identify how new ways of constructing exchange are emerging in society Blockchain Networks and Transparency Intellectual Merit and Broader Impact From an interdisciplinary perspective, the research aim is to explore and develop the interlinkage between network science and blockchain technology.

Simulating Performance of DoD Contracts

Simulating Performance of DoD Contracts is a collaborative project where RCODI works alongside Software Factory Labs (SFL) to conduct research concerning engagement and performance of R&D contacts. With government contracting, there are different-sized businesses that typically aply for contracts, and small business enagement can be raised.