Artificial Intelligence

An Executive Visit from Windracers - Advancing Next-Generation Autonomous Systems for UAV-based Logistics at Purdue University

Returning to late May, RCODI and Purdue University welcomed the second-of-the-year visit from Windracers: Mr. Stephen Wright - Windracer’s Chairman, and Mr. Simon Muderack - Windracer’s CEO. Led by Dr. Brunswicker- Director of RCODI, this executive meeting held an excellent discussion of a significant collaboration with Windracers - a UK-based autonomous UAS (unmanned aerial system) solution provider.

Empowering Physical AI at Purdue: Dr. Sabine Brunswicker’s Impactful Role in IPAI’s Steering Committee

A promising initiative The rapid advancement of AI has transcended beyond virtual and physical systems. Recognizing a pressing need for knowledge and experimentation at Purdue University in this dynamic field, Purdue is marking great progress in establishing the university-wide Institute of Physical Artificial Intelligence (IPAI).


Federated-AI for Communication and Trust (FACT) platform