IronHacks Research Tool: A Hackathon Research Tool for Studying the Power of Collective Intelligence


New IronHacks software is developed as a tool for running multiphase hackathons, which is also the first tool developed to run hackathons in a tightly controlled environment. The IronHacks software is a user interface where participants create their solutions. It also acts as a hackathon manager that enables the footprints left by the solutions’ creators to be tracked down. To model the real-world reuse scenario that will lead to the development of a robust reuse model, advancing the current search engine in locating relevant source codes to be reused, it is essential for the experiments to be run in a tightly controlled environment where each participant is given the same set of tools to create their solutions on. This piece of work describes a novel graphical user interface design that enables treatment conditions to be manipulated and tractions to be captured for each group of solutions’ creators all on a standard environment. This program greatly expands the possibilities for researchers to extend the literature of reuse in the software engineering domain.