Is Open Source Software Eating the World?


Dr. Sabine Brunswicker, Director of Purdue’s Research Center for Open Digital Innovation, and Dr. Stacey Connaughton, Director of the Purdue Policy Research Institute hosted this online event featuring Kevin Christopher, founder, and principal of Rockridge Venture Law®, Tennessee’s first Certified B Corp law group and a 2019 Best For The World: Community honoree. This event is on Open Source Software and its implication for innovation and society at large. Major topics: 1.OSS -Not just a fad but a phenomenon with broader implications 2.Developing with OSS: What are the legal implications? 3.OSS and Blockchains: Can principles of OSS help overcome the challenges of blockchains? 4.What can academia learn from OSS? Speakers: Kevin Nelson, Bill Arnold, Aniket Kate, Matt Halladay