Is Open Source Software Eating the World?

Dr. Sabine Brunswicker, Director of Purdue’s Research Center for Open Digital Innovation, and Dr. Stacey Connaughton, Director of the Purdue Policy Research Institute hosted this online event featuring Kevin Christopher, founder, and principal of …

Responding to the crisis with digital innovation

A Lucky Catch: How a Coding Bot Built with Neural Nets Catch Programmers’ Thoughts

In this lightning talk, I will introduce a coding bot that I built together with Prof. Sabine Brunswicker, my mentor in Purdue University and PhD advisor to-be, where functions predictions in our recommender system is achieved by using neural nets on …

IronHacks Research Tool: A Hackathon Research Tool for Studying the Power of Collective Intelligence

New IronHacks software is developed as a tool for running multiphase hackathons, which is also the first tool developed to run hackathons in a tightly controlled environment. The IronHacks software is a user interface where participants create their …

There are multiple web applications! How do we extract the web components of different sizes to compare the visual similarities between them?

New visual similarity technology based on SSIM is developed as a tool for measuring visual similarities of multiple web applications of different sizes, which is the first technology model that targets web components of different sizes. This visual …

Human-AI Interaction

Purdue-UNAL Goldironhacks Spring 2017 - Award Ceremony

Gold Ironhacks Spring 2017 - Award Ceremony

Open for Openess: it is the only choice

Innovation on Open Digital Platforms: Simulating the Effect of Developer Strategies on the Interplay between Platform Complexity and Platform Performance