Dr. Brunswicker’s talk on Social Intelligence in AI at ANN-SONIC-NICO 10th International Workshop Network Theory

Social Intelligence in AI at ANN-SONIC-NICO

The ANN-SONIC-NICO 10th International Workshop Network Theory is an annual, invitation-only workshop that is organized by Annenberg Networks Network (ANN), Science of Networks in Communities (SONIC) research group and Northwestern Institute of Complexity (NICO). This year, with the theme of “Human AI Social Networks @ Work”, the workshop series will bring in core topics of human agent/robot teaming, virtual organization, networks, crowdsourcing and more.

What’s also exciting is that Dr. Sabine Brunswicker (Professor for Digital Innovation, Founder and Director of the Research Center for Open Digital Innovation) from Purdue University will be sharing the topic of “Social Intelligence in AI Models for Successful Human-AI Teams”. Specifically, two in-progress works in empathy of conversational AI and deep reinforcement learning model are to be presented and discussed in detail on May 20th.

This two-day workshop from May 18-20, 2023 also welcomes many international scholars to attend this intellectual forum hosted at Northwestern University campus. It is such an exciting event for scholarly fields this coming weekend. To view full schedule and speech sessions, please visit: https://www.nico.northwestern.edu/international-workshop-network-theory/speakers-and-schedule.html

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