Professors Brunswicker and Mukherjee to present Coordination Structures in OSS Development at Bayes Business in London

RCODI team conducts researching workshop

Prof. Sabine Brunswicker and RCODI Fellow Prof. Mukherjee are setting out to present at an Research Workshop at the Bayes Business School in London. The two will be discussing the evolution of coordination structures in open source software development.

Brunsiwcker and Mukherjee studied significance of preferential attachment and knowledge similarity to predict formation of open source software coordination structures through the use of an Exponential Random Graph Model and with data from 619 developers and 2,597 created and iterated Python files across four years. The developed model contributes to literature on software evolution and OSS.

Prof. Brunswicker and Prof. Mukherjee are both esteemed researchers capable of talking about the mechanics, processes, and effort required when conducting research. The two will be providing insight to those that attended the workshops. Please refer to the schedule here for further information.


My research interests include distributed digital innovation, AI, crowdsourcing, and open source software