PLOS ONE Call for Papers: Cities as Complex Systems

Cities are centers of human interactions and the innovations that arise from them. Urbanization has led to many positive developments for society, but also contributes to many of our most pressing challenges, from sustainability and climate change to poverty and inequality. Concepts from complex systems and network theory provide valuable approaches to further our understanding of the processes which drive how cities form, grow, and operate as environments which are more than the sum of their parts. With its commitment to open access, and rigorous, reproducible research, PLOS ONE is the ideal venue for interdisciplinary complexity science.

Our director, an academic editor of PLOS ONE in the area of network science/complex systems is excited to announce a Call for Papers on Cities as Complex Systems, bringing together researchers across scientific disciplines to build a collection of complex systems and networks research applied to questions in urban science. Our Guest Editors Marta González and Diego Rybski are particularly interested in reading research on urban mobility and energy infrastructures, the morphology and efficiency of cities, and applications to sustainable development goals.Topics may include but are not limited to urban mobility and migration, urban scaling laws, social networks within cities, urban resilience, financial networks within and between cities, smart cities and internet-of-things, and agent-based models of urban phenomena. More details can be found here. The submission deadline is July 3, 2020.


My research interests include distributed digital innovation, AI, crowdsourcing, and open source software