An Executive Visit from Windracers - Advancing Next-Generation Autonomous Systems for UAV-based Logistics at Purdue University

Returning to late May, RCODI and Purdue University welcomed the second-of-the-year visit from Windracers: Mr. Stephen Wright - Windracer’s Chairman, and Mr. Simon Muderack - Windracer’s CEO. Led by Dr. Brunswicker- Director of RCODI, this executive meeting held an excellent discussion of a significant collaboration with Windracers - a UK-based autonomous UAS (unmanned aerial system) solution provider.

The trip that unlocks opportunities

To address many challenges in developing reliable autonomous systems and AI/ML-enabled aerial logistics, the visit included eventful meetings with many outstanding Purdue professors, researchers in the field, and faculty members. Together, faculty and visitors hosted multiple meaningful discussions regarding operation models, implementation strategies of the proposed program, and further progress on the collaboration. Ending the trip was a visit to the PURT (Purdue UAS Research and Test Facility), which was one of the highlights of Purdue’s capability to test experimental UAS and onboard software with the help of its top of the line motion capture systems.

This trip marked initial steps to bringing the vision of implementing UAVs for forever reliable aerial logistics for the world.

About Windracers:


The company aims to simplify the delivery of essential items through the use of cost-effective and highly efficient air transportation. The autonomous ULTRA UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) carrying a capacity of 100kg to over 1000km for up to 12 hours has proven to operate seamlessly even during harsh weather. Windracers is currently partnered with the Royal Mail Group to develop un-crewed drone services in delivering parcels to remote locations across the UK.

Early this year, Windracers had their first executive visit at Purdue University. You can read more about it: here

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