Sabine Brunswicker

Sabine Brunswicker


Dr. Sabine Brunswicker is an internationally recognized innovation scholar and computational social scientist, bridging the fields of social sciences and information science & technology. In her research on digital innovation, she is particularly focused on the role of digital platforms as a means to leverage distributed machine and human intelligence when solving complex problems at scale. Examples of digital innovation she studies are Open source software (OSS) communities, crowdsourcing, citizen science, blockchains, and digital manufacturing. In her work, she designs and examines the social and technical ‘features’ of digital platforms with a focus on economic, social, and ecological outcomes. Further, she uses computational techniques (e.g. agent-based modeling, network analysis) and field experiments to advance theories and models of complex socio-technical interactions.

At Purdue she founded the Research Center for Open Digital Innovation (RCODI) to bring together an interdisciplinary team of researchers and engineers who want to shape the future of digital innovation. To advance theories and technologies of digital innovation, she and her team have developed a digital platform called IronHacks for experimental and augmented data science learning and large-scale experiments on data science, social computing, and others forms of digital innovation. Her work has been funded by NSF, NIH, the European Commission (EC), and industry and philanthropic donors. She has graduated 3 PhD students in the role of a chair, who have found successful career paths in academia or industry, and has thus far funded and mentored more than 30 graduate students and several undergraduate students to perform research projects. She has published in leading scholarly journals in the field of innovation (e.g. Research Policy, JSBM) and information sciences & technology (e.g. MISQ, Scientometrics, JASIST, GIQ), as well as information design/visualization (e.g. IEEE VAST). As part of her educational efforts, Sabine has led the development of a new graduate program at the intersection of innovation, information technology, and data science. She also established global institutional relationships with South America (e.g. UNAL in Bogota, Colombia) and China (Tsinghua and CUPL in Beijing). She frequently engages with industry partners (e.g. Red Hat, Accenture) and also acts as advisors to policy makers (e.g. State of Indiana, European Commission), and other thought leaders (e.g. World Economic Forum).

Sabine holds a Master in Engineering and Management Science (University of Technology, Darmstadt, Germany), a Master of Commerce with a specialization in Marketing and Entrepreneurship (UNSW, Sydney, Australia), and a PhD in Engineering Sciences (University of Stuttgart, Germany).

My CV [here] (./Brunswicker_CV_2022.pdf)

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Open Source Software
  • Crowdsourcing