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Music Challenge for Social Change

Music Challenge for Social Change

The Tipping Point Community Platform for a “Music for Social Change” Challenge Powered by RCODI IronHacks Why do we need it? Science has shown that music can bond people together and motivate them to act collectively.


Federated-AI for Communication and Trust (FACT) platform

Energy Project

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Reinforcement Learning

How would you teach a child to play a video game? You might sit down with them, put the controller in their hands, and push buttons with them. You might do the first level with them, and have them copy what you do until they get it down exactly right.

Transparency in Open Data Contest

This study measures the degree of innovation performance transparency and solution transparency to determine the effect of transparency on participation and innovation. Transparency in Open Data Contest Primary Research Questions:

Home Energy Monitoring, Visual Analytics and Collective-Action

This project extracts granular perceptual, behavioral and interaction data. Graph Based Feedback for Collaborative Energy Consumption Data-driven feedback and interactions with personal devices are changing the way we make decisions. They increasingly use visual interactive graphs (e.

Open Source Software practices

The study aims to understand how Open Source Software practices are evolving by focusing on studying a prominent community ‘OpenStack’ that is effectively using the latest practices. Modeling Complex Open Source Software Structures as Networks Reflecting the commitment to foster and build Open Source Software practices, Red Hat Inc.

Global Open Innovation Executive Study 2014/2015

Open innovation is growing into a mainstream phenomenon of increasing business relevance in large firms where 78 percent of large firms in the sample had been applying open innovation. Global Open Innovation Executive Study In 2012, a large-scale Open Innovation Executive Survey was conducted by UC- Berkeley and Fraunhofer-Society to explore to what extent open innovation was applied in large firms in the USA and Europe.

Managing Open Innovation with Business Impact in the Digital Age

This study aims to create a guided open innovation framework to help companies leverage optimal value from open innovation. Managing Open Innovation with Business Impact in the Digital Age In collaboration with the Accenture Institute for High Performance (AIHP), we have implemented a series of open innovation (OI) case studies to generate new insights on how large, innovative firms use open innovation to solve their strategic innovation problems.

Designing Future Megacities with the Crowd: Wicked Urban Problems and Firm-sponsored Civic Innovation Crowdsourcing 2015

This project presents a successful civic innovation crowdsourcing project case study to co-create visionary solutions to the challenge of future mobility in crowded cities around the world. Designing Future Megacities with the Crowd: Wicked Urban Problems and Firm-sponsored Civic Innovation Crowdsourcing 2015 With the rise of megacities, urban innovators are exposed to increasingly ‘wicked’ societal problems, such as urban mobility.

Increasing Creativity through Anonymous Dissent 2015

Working in conjunction with Bright Idea, a leading Open Innovation Platform provider, we are testing the impact of selective anonymity, where participants can flag their contributions to be displayed anonymously.

Governance and Risk-mitigation of Open Innovation

This project tests a moderated mediation model in which external search breadth and depth influence open innovation project performance through their effects by different governance mechanisms. Governance and Risk-mitigation of Open Innovation Since Henry Chesbrough’s (2003) landmark work on open innovation, much attention has been given to the phenomenon of firms’ using a wide range of external actors and sources to help them achieve and sustain innovation (Laursen and Salter, 2006).

Digital practice networks, network dynamics and e-science

This research is aimed at comparing the network effects formed in online digital platforms of participating scientists to “traditional” research and collaboration methods. Effect of Online Digital Communities to Members Output (Success) and Choices (Contagion): The Case NanoHUB Cyberinfrastructure The primary research questions that sparked this project were: (1) How does scientist output depend upon their embeddedness in digital spaces in NanoHUB.

Blockchain Networks and Transparency

This project aims to identify how new ways of constructing exchange are emerging in society Blockchain Networks and Transparency Intellectual Merit and Broader Impact From an interdisciplinary perspective, the research aim is to explore and develop the interlinkage between network science and blockchain technology.

Purdue IronHacks

IronHacks is an open data hacking program that empowers programmers - from beginners to professionals - to solve civic challenges during a multi-phase and learning-oriented process. The IronHacks platform offers participants a no-set-up programming environment and many powerful features to create novel and useful models and visualizations that help citizens and governments to make better decisions.