Course Objectives

This course provides the foundation for understanding the manner in which companies capture innovation and use it to set themselves apart from competitors. Topics covered include the attributes of organizations that are successful in fostering a culture of innovation; the characteristics and roles of leaders and members in innovative organizations; managerial processes and organizational systems that facilitate the successful development, commercialization, and adoption of innovative technologies, products, and services; and methods used to measure innovation-related outcomes.

Course Assignments and Deliverables

Most of the communication for this course will be done via Slack. Assignments will be turned in via Blackboard, and any updates to scheduling can be found in the calendar in the section below.

Class Set-up

Classes are held in Krannert G004 every Tuesday and Thursday from 1:30 pm to 2:45 pm. Tuesdays are always interactive lectures while Thursday is project work. If any changes are made to the schedule, you will be notified via Slack.

About the instructor

RCODI, and AAAI affiliate. She has been heavily involved with computational social science (agent-based simulation, network dynamics, AI) and social computing, behavioral implications of platforms and algorithmic feedback, “digital nudging”, and large scale experiments. She has involved thousands of citizens in the design & evaluations of digital platforms.