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As an undergraduate or graduate student, you can become involved in the Open Digital Innovation field at RCODI.

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Get involved by taking classes or enroll in an Open Digital Innovation degree

Research Fellows

We are seeking talent to join the team and industry partners to create business value and offer new frontiers of knowledge.

Fellowship programs are great opportunities to collaborate and expand areas of research to benefit corporations and industry partners. There are thousands of researchers worldwide that are investigating in different fields related to our center and we are eager to create interdisciplinary research projects with scholars and fellows.

See what we have open to conduct research with the Center

If you want to apply as a visiting scholar or fellow to be part of our research areas and contribute of cutting-edge knowledge, please, send us an email here


Interest in partnering up with us? Our center is always open to collaborating with sharp minds in the field of Open Digital Innovation. Let us know what your area of interest have.

IronHacks Partners

If you are interested in being a partner of RCODI’s IronHacks, contact us for more information on different ways to partner with us in designing exciting app development challenges that lead to novel apps and data science solutions. If you like tackling real-world industry challenges through virtual app development, check out our Purdue IronHacks competitions. Purdue IronHacks promotes open data and open source innovation and creativity. The Research Center for Open Digital Innovation hosts 4 IronHacks events each year, and none of them would be possible without the great deal of hard work, time and help we get from our students and our sponsors.

Award Sponsor

If you are interested in being an Award Sponsor for RCODI’s IronHacks, you can mail your contribution (made payable to Purdue Foundation) here.

Keynote Speaking

If you want to gain cutting-edge insights from a leading expert, click here to invite Professor Brunswicker to be a speaker at your next conference.